Infrastructure Information


Canteen Facilities
  • College has well built, well-furnished & spacious lecture halls.
  • It has well equipped with spacious 12 laboratories and separate research laboratory for M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) and 4 laboratories for D.Pharm.
  • All the laboratories are armed with sophisticated equipments like HPLC, UV - visible Spectrophotometer, Six - Stage dissolution apparatus, Schimadzu balance, K. F. Apparatus, Ampoule filling & sealing machine, Sieve shaker, D. M. water plant, Laminar air flow bench, Autoclaves, Incubators, All glass distillation unit, Analgesiometer, Pole climbing apparatus, Rota-rod apparatus, Microtome, Soxhlet apparatus, Ten stage rotary tablet machine, etc.

Pharmaceutics Lab :

Pharmaceutics Lab
  • College has well equipped 2 pharmaceutics labs and 1 machine room.

Pharmachemistry Lab :

Pharmachemistry Lab
  • College has well equipped 2 pharmachemistry labs & 1 pharmaceutical analysis lab.

Pharmacology Lab :

Canteen Facilities
  • College has well equipped 1 pharmacology & 1 APHE Lab.

Pharmacognosy Lab :

  • College has well equipped pharmacognosy lab.

P.G. Lab :

  • College has well equipped lab for P.G. students.


  • All the essential instruments including HPLC, UV-Visible spectrophotometer etc are present in this lab.

Computer Department :

  • To develop the students to combat the technical challenges, college has excellent Computer Laboratories with 61 computers along with Internet and 24 hrs. backup facility.

Machine Room :

  • College has machine room with the machines such as tableting machine, ampoule filling & sealing machine, D.W. water plant etc.