About Us

Welcome To Alumni of Satara College of Pharmacy, Satara


SATARA COLLEGE OF PHARMACY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION is a registered organization of professional students passed out from the College and engaged in multi-facets of pharmacy profession. The organisation is promised to develop technically more competent, researches and socially obliged moral pharmacists to cure human sufferings.


  • To bring together under a common platform all the passed out students of this college and make the association august one.
  • To develop relations and spirit of co-operation among them
  • To act as a liaison between college and society.
  • To make the use of helping and faithful hands of ex-students for the betterment of current students.
  • To involve the passed out students in the development activities of the college and seek their co-operation and monetary support.
  • To encourage the students by instituting the scholarships and various prizes.
  • To honour outstanding ex-students of the college.
  • To preserve and uphold the ethics of profession of pharmacy.
  • To provide monetary assistance to the needy and deserving students/employees of this association in emergency situations.
  • To motivate and guide the students for various competitive examinations.